Funky Flutter PH Fest 2022

Post by Admin, April 18, 2022

We live in a world where much of our lives revolve around the mobile device. In fact, in 2020 there are almost 79 Million smartphone users in the Philippines, and according to another study in 2022 an average smartphone will have 80+ apps installed. With those things in mind, it’s no small wonder that both students and professionals alike are interested to dive into mobile development.

And that’s exactly the goal of Funky Flutter PH Festival 2022. Organized by Google Developer Student Clubs, the festival aims to encourage students to learn all about Flutter, be familiarized with Dart, and participate in hands-on workshops, and get to know all about Firebase and Cloud. Held between April 8 to 10, the festival features speakers with varying expertise from all over the Information and Technology industry.

Who are the Google Developer Student Clubs?

The GDSC are community groups of students in colleges and universities who are interested in Google Technologies. The community allows for collaboration, learning, and participation in events and workshops supported by Google and partner organizations. The festival is the collaboration of 10 PH leads and their communities from all over the country. Exciting! Truly a great example of collaborations!

What is Flutter?

An open-source framework created by Google, Flutter is used to create beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Officially launched in 2018, Flutter has quickly become the top choice for most developers. So, if you’re looking to get into mobile development, this is the place to start. And what better way than to learn from industry experts.

Funky Flutter PH Fest

Featuring Flutter, Firebase, and Google Cloud, the event aims to introduce the participants to these amazing technologies and jump-start their interest and knowledge. For the next 3 days, the participants were treated to a wealth of information and experience. Let’s check out the day-to-day highlights of the event and why you should sign up for their next event!

Day 1: Rock Party
Day 1 participants – image courtesy of

For the first day, the organizers were all welcomes and thanks for every participant and speaker who gave their time for the festival. To open the festival, the first speaker Mr. Joshua De Guzman gave words of welcome and encouragement to every participant for this very exciting event. Mr. De Guzman is a Google developer expert and the very founder of Flutter Philippines.

Up next, an introduction to Flutter was lead by the second speaker Mr. Zonily Pesquera. A mobile software engineer, Mr. Pesquera is an advocate for tech communities and tech accessibility and he is really showing it today as he starts on how to install flutter in MacOS.

Finally, we have the leader of GDSC STI, Mr. Christian Flores, speaking on how to install flutter for Windows systems. The first day went by quickly, but it was a great start to more fun up ahead.

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Day 2: Funky Flutter
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Now that installations are out of the way, the 2nd day got to focus on flutter itself. The first speaker for the day is Ms. Sakkina Abas, a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart and the CEO and co-founder of Reactree, and her experiences with Flutter.

Up next came the second speaker for the day, Mr. John Lester Necesito, a software engineer and mobile application developer. Putting the participants for a challenge, Mr. Necesito gave a talk on Dart and a real time workshop on Flutter.

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Day 3: Booze of Prizes
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Day 3 is finally here, and there were still three very excellent speakers in line to share their expertise. Up first came Ms. Dana Redaña, an Enterprise Solutions Engineer and Data Scientist, spoke about Google Cloud technologies.

Second came Ms. Divya Gehlot, an Analytics development lead and a Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud, talked about her experiences with Google cloud.

Finally for the final talk of the day Mr. Gio Divino, a full stack software engineer and CTO of GDSC ADMU, spoke about the usage of Firebase.

After the talks, the organizers announced winners of some very cool swag and had a final photo with all the participants and speakers.

Once again, we can see that when communities collaborate and share their experiences and skills, the benefits echo for every participant, driving more innovation and positive change in the field of Information technology.

If you’d like to learn more about their communities and future events visit Developer Student Clubs STI College Cagayan de Oro today and once again, congratulations to all the participants!